You Have an Idea.  Let’s Get Started.

Welcome to The Upside Field Guide.

The 3 most powerful decisions you will ever make:

1) Ditch the Linear Social Script. The surface style of life, the initial proposition, that’s on offer all day, every day.

2) Become a Thought Leader. No one gets what they want out of life until they validate their own ideas, pair their passion with learning, and recast themselves in the role of leadership.

3) Start Your Project. You fill your life with fire when you commit to one thing that is truly yours.

This isn’t a backpacking site. Or a zip-line supply company. As great as those things are–as much as I recommend backpacking to everyone, and zip-lining to anyone with a pulse—the site is about something bigger:

Self-Actualization and Lifestyle Design.

These powerful concepts overlap and both relate to the process of constructing a reality you enjoy.

The difference is that Lifestyle Design work tends to be outward, it is the actions you take in the world, and Self-Actualization work tends to be inward, it is the actions you take in yourself.

Both are needed to leave the herd behind and build the life you want.

The Upside Field Guide picks up where other self-and-wealth books leave off.  Written by a leading psychologist, it identifies the Big 4 silent roadblocks that sabotage your success and the 28 reductive slogans that govern the herd.  You’ll find support and actionable tools to step up your personal growth, increase your self-reliance, and upgrade your internal OS so you can light your internal fire, push through adversity, and finish what you start. 

Above, you have access to over 50 free foundational articles, videos, and posts. Let go of the hand that holds you down. Find your fire. Commit to your own ideas. These are the keys to a life with more meaning, money, love, joy, security, and adventure.