Lifestyle Design

Lifestyle Design.

(life∙style de∙sign), n. 1. an approach to life that affirms your ability to grow and change. v. 2. the ongoing act of constructing a reality you enjoy. 

Lifestyle design is for everyone.

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It’s not just for the rich.  It’s not just for digital nomads who commute via internet from anywhere on the planet.  Lifestyle design is for bartenders and small business owners, corporate grinders, school teachers, musicians, writers, carpenters, college students, and everybody else with an interest in building the life they want.

A good life is about a bunch of things. It’s about hanging with friends. It’s about getting on the trail, swimming in green mountain creeks, and chilling at the beach. It’s about paying the rent. It’s about your creative project, your passive income project, and the burrito you’re devouring for lunch. It’s about your upcoming trip to Greece.

But what it all boils down to, from the millions of examples you or I or anybody else could give, is that a good life is about five big things:

  • Meaning
  • Joy
  • Connection
  • Freedom
  • Security

And one is not like the others.

Each of the big five is required for an enjoyable life but many people still spend the lion’s share of their energy in a never-ending quest to meet the need for security. Worse, they spend that energy working for decades inside limiting systems that other people created. They’re slogging along in the old, heavy style of life, trapped in one of the 28 worn-out ideologies that make up the Linear Social Script: Slave, Save, Retire. If you work hard enough maybe you’ll earn some some free time, some you time, before you’re 65. Ugh. Living inside the Linear Social Script is like running your laptop on an OS from 1997. It’s a drag.

That’s not what you’re here to do.

You’re here to get after it. You’re tired of grinding out a Level One approach. You don’t want to work a boring job, tithe to the 401k, trudge home, eat some taco salad, interact with a screen, get up the next day, and do it all again. You want to be involved. You want more time with your friends and family, you want a source of passive income, you want a passion project, and you want to see the world.

Welcome to The Upside Field Guide. This site is for makers, thinkers, writers, and doers. It’s for travelers, inventors, and creative entrepreneurs–and those who want to be them. Here’s you’ll find philosophy to power up your life and upwardly mobile concepts to help you bust out of the LSS, speak with your own voice, start your project, and commit to the free-time adventure lifestyle you actually want.

The Upside Field Guide is about lifestyle design, and its close relative, self-actualization.

Self-actualization is a short way of saying “the process of addressing the gap between where you are and where you want to be.” It’s a long-running interest of mine. Everybody, on some level, has an interest in personal growth.

If you want to read more about the concept of self-actualization and why it’s particularly valuable in the current age of Technology and Lawnmower Parenting, get started here.

How the Site is Organized

Articles: Essays that cover foundational concepts. Nerd out in the Articles section if you’re in the mood to learn about:

Blog: Hot takes on issues that matter to me, the stuff I think about when I’m chilling at the river, sitting on a plane, or driving into town. These will get you thinking in different directions and some might make you smile (or gnash your teeth).

Videos: You know how videos work. Expect to see video content on the site beginning September 2018.

The Book: More than 100 upwardly mobile concepts together in one place. From Permission to Be a Thought Leader to Your Laundromat in the Sky, here you’ll find actionable tools, support, and a kick in the ass to ditch the poverty mentality, lose the loser attitude, break out of the box, and start living exactly the way you want.

This blog is for folks with an interest in independent living. If you have ideas on popular lifestyle design topics like:

  • Passive Income
  • Travel and Adventure
  • Love, Sex, and Connecting with Other People
  • Passion and Creativity
  • Your Authentic Voice

but have struggled to make it all happen, take heart. It’s normal to experience doubts and setbacks as you approach the emotional cliff that leads to living free. Life is bigger than the messages of the Linear Social Script that you hear everyday. You don’t need to be a Camel, always putting yourself second. It is possible to live according to your constitution. You can run the experiment. You can go and see what’s happening over there. And you can lead with your honest take.

Poke around on the site. You’ll find inspiration and concrete support to start living on center with your real self.