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The Upside Field Guide. Over 100 Upwardly Mobile Concepts and Actionable Tools to help you:

  • Ditch the Linear Social Script
  • Break the Camel’s Rules
  • Upgrade Internal OS
  • Kickstart Real Life

Success in a Wide Open Age.

There’s an upsurge of doers, thinkers, and makers in the US and around the world unwilling to grind out a level one approach. They don’t want to work a boring job, tithe to the 401k, trudge home, eat some taco salad, interact with a screen, get up the next day, and do it all again.

People are tired of the automaticity of life, and they’re tired of the nagging feeling of scarcity that tags along wherever they go.  You want to feel alive, and you want to feel involved. Everyone wants passive income, everyone wants a passion project.

And for whatever your interests, whether you’re striving to improve your small-engine repair skills, up your poker game, travel to Indonesia, explore the ins-and-outs of internet marketing, or learn to play the piccolo, there’s a trove of free, concrete information waiting for you online. For whatever you want to learn, there are reams of free articles and videos about it.

Which brings us to two important points about the self-help genre:

1) The problems that block your success are no longer concrete. They are emotional and conceptual. In other words, you stall, not for a lack information about what to do next, but because you lack the underlying philosophy and the emotional resilience required to stick with the task at hand and continue believing you’re the one for the job when the going, inevitably, gets tough.

2) The primary value of self-help books in the future will derive from information that is not readily available for free online. The most valuable kingpin concepts moving forward, those that will help you reorganize your life and upgrade your internal OS, will be philosophical and conceptual, in addition to being concrete. Old school: “Here’s a great idea that worked for me:  Add _______ to your life.” New school: “Absolutely. And, it’s normal to struggle with that suggestion. Let’s unpack why and give you some conceptual and emotional tools to boost your personal growth and help you reorient to the problem.”

The value of stand-alone tools is fading in the light of the internet. You want concrete tools, and you want support to observe the problem from 10,000 feet. Concrete advice to “try X” doesn’t cut it anymore, because it’s available for free online. It is the presence of a deep organizing theory that adds the extra value moving forward.

So, if you know someone who read a bestselling self-and-wealth book but who didn’t manifest money, love, and a globetrotting adventure lifestyle, then you know someone who will appreciate The Upside Field Guide.

Alec Wilson comes to the subject of lifestyle design as a writer, an adventurer, a psychologist, and an everyday dude to teach you a variety of new, upwardly mobile concepts. Let’s be real: If just-do-it techniques presented by mystics and moguls worked for everyone, we’d all be rich, loved, and free. Picking a direction is hard. Sticking with it is a challenge. And that’s totally normal. It doesn’t mean you’re dumb, lazy, or not the type for lifestyle design. It means you jumped in without the tools and the perspective needed to sustain change.

The Upside Field Guide provides those tools and that perspective. You’re going to address the gap between thought and action. You’re going to explore what holds you back, lose the loser mentality, and stoke your internal engine so your efforts become sustainable. And you get to do it casually. The voice here is not that of a doctor lecturing a patient. It’s more like a conversation between travelers camped on the bank of a wild river.

Are you ready? Drag a log over. Join us at the fire.

The Upside Field Guide:

In Part I, The Hand That Holds You Down, we’ll examine the four silent roadblocks that stop you from building the life you want:

  • The Linear Social Script. The surface style of life, the initial proposition that’s on offer all day, every day.
  • The Camel’s Rules. 28 pervasive, herd-based slogans that set the common mental frame that traps you thinking and living small.
  • Permission to Be a Thought Leader. No one gets what they want from life until they recast themselves as an independent leader.
  • The Inestimable Power of Time Spent Alone. Tools to help you differentiate from the herd, step back, and get to know the real you.

In Part II, Upwardly Mobile Concepts, we’ll address:

  • Contact. The vital force of connection at the heart of your life and the root of all growth.
  • The Five Specific Shapes of Fear. Five words that will change your life. These five keep you from engaging with yourself, the world, and those around you. Learn them to let them go.
  • Stop Fucking Around and Be Yourself. A slew of concepts to help you chill out, stay on center, and validate your own ideas.
  • Business is About Value, Not About Money. Kingpin entrepreneurial concepts: Resonant emotional hooks, massive value, the poverty mentality, and education as the new school of marketing.
  • Your Laundromat in the Sky. Powerful ideas to launch and maintain your passive income project.

In Part III, Full-On Striving Mode, we’ll hit the stratosphere with:

  • Commit to Adventure. Scripts that block travel and a look at how adventure and value-based living show up in my life.
  • Six Dimensions of the Self-Actualizing Mindset. Must-haves for successful lifestyle design.
  • The Icing on the Cake of Life. A river adventure, a forest fire, and the difference between visceral experience and integrated drug use.
  • Own Your Heart. A nuanced approach to living that allows for feelings and for the occasional practice of stoicism.
  • Omnivores for Experience. The spectrum of human needs is anchored on one side by security, on the other by adventure, and is driven back and forth between the two by the need for profluence, the felt sense that life is in motion.

Alec’s travels, friendships, and work in private practice have taught him that in today’s sedentary and hyper-connected world, everyone wants to feel more wild, free, gritty, and alive. We’re all striving to balance career and travel, family and creativity, security and adventure. For ten years Alec has worked with bartenders and school teachers, software engineers and CEOs, and all of them have interests like yours and mine: Automated income, more free time, less focus on the grind, and more focus on community, creativity, travel, passion, and adventure.

The Upside Field Guide is for today’s groundswell of doers, thinkers, and makers. Use it to make the leap into the life you want, sustain your energy, and maintain your change.